In my role with Pharmacy OneSource, I work with pharmacists at hospitals, home infusion facilities, and compounding pharmacies to learn of their needs related to USP 797, and specifically if their needs match what we offer in Simplifi 797 – a web-based quality compliance tracking system. In this process I get asked a lot of questions about USP 797 and I am setting up this blog as a reference for myself, and also so that others with questions might benefit from it. I am not claiming to be a USP 797 expert, but I do have the fortune of working closely with some who are very knowledgeable – both inside of Pharmacy OneSource including our excellent implementation team and also true experts like Eric Kastango, President and CEO of ClinicalIQ, USP Sterile Compounding Committee Member (2005-2010), and frequent speaker and author on the subject.

My role will be to gather and disseminate information on USP 797, with a focus on the parts that are misunderstood – judging by the questions that are asked to me and those I work with. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to post a comment or email me directly at konrad@rph.com.

Please note that this blog is not associated with or endorsed by my employer, Pharmacy OneSource. I am solely responsible for the content and while I will do my best to only include accurate information from reputable sources, I can make no claims guaranteeing such. This is a free resource – so you’re getting what you’ve paid for! (and hopefully more)


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