Cell Phones in the Cleanroom

You’ll notice that I post a lot of material from articles in Pharmacy Purchasing & Products magazine. They have put a focus on USP 797 compliance that I haven’t seen in other magazines, probably because there is a lot of extra “stuff” to buy in order to get an IV room in compliance with USP 797 and to keep it that way. As a free publication about products and purchasing, it obviously makes its money through advertising, but I have found the articles to be excellent as well, especially those on USP 797.

One article I read last week online intrigued me: “Ask the Expert: Cell Phones in the Cleanroom”. The expert is none other than Eric Kastango, and his answer is that having cell phones (or MP3 players) in the cleanroom does not keep with the intent of USP 797  for two reasons. First, Appendix I states that only required materials should be brought into the cleanroom, which cell phones are clearly not. Second, it is recommended that procedures be performed in a manner to reduce the risk of touch contamination. When I was at the Baxa STAR Center receiving training, the instructors showed us how many particles a person creates just by walking by a hood. Imagine how many are created when a person is digging under their gown to fish out their cell phone or skip to the next song on their iPod. And you’ve heard studies about how many germs are on a phone’s keypad…

See the short article at http://www.pppmag.com/documents/V6N11/p15.pdf.


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